November 2019 - All is good here at OYM as we head into the end of the year. The newly released NASCAR Heat 4 is doing extremely well and we are loving the raves about the sounds we recorded for this awesome racing game! Nothing like having the entire AutoClub Speedway to ourselves and access to a real NASCAR racing machine!! Many thanks to Watson Wu for including me in the fun!

August 2019- Continued work on a variety of exciting slot and casino games for an ongoing contract. We're definitely loving the steady work and change of pace on each game - keeps the creativity flowing and it never gets boring! Time to go grab a stack of quarters and play some slots!!

September 2018 - Weapon sounds we recorded were featured in the release of Ring of Elysium by Tencent Games this month. Another trip to our desert oasis and dozens of military weapons to play with could only mean we had another awesome time recording! The team is definitely well-oiled and efficient and the client went away happy. Give the game a listen and let us know what you think. Special thanks to Watson Wu for the opportunity!

March 2017 - The 3rd edition of the newly titled "Aaron Marks' Complete Guide to Game Audio" has been released and received well in the game audio community and by those who aspire to join! This edition has been completely revamped and includes new chapters covering field recording, voice overs, middleware and scripting, 8th generation game consoles and much more! It was definitely a labor of love and can't wait to hear the success stories from those who read it!

December 2015 - The release of Ghost in the Shell - First Assault Online featured sounds from our largest weapons field recording expedition to date! Nearly 100 weapons, explosions, whizz-bys and ricochets recorded over straight 8 days on location at our secret desert oasis! Special thanks to Watson Wu for including me in the adventure of a lifetime!

August 2015 - Realized it's been awhile since my last update, doesn't mean I'm not here and available to make some noise!! It means, I've been busier than ever and it's the little things, like the website upkeep, that lag. (Never the sounds I'm working on for my clients!!) :)

I've been working daily on a plethora of video slot machines for the past year, madly writing the 3rd edition of the newly titled "Aaron Marks' Complete Guide to Game Audio" (which should be released early 2017!), teaching college-level game audio and field recording, and a host of other great projects. Luckily, this ride never ends and I'm thankful for a really awesome career!!

I'm looking forward to announcing a couple of the previous projects that will see daylight very soon. Stay tuned!

March 2014 - Lots of slots the past couple of months - never a dull moment here! We also just got back from DC consulting for a defense contractor - the kind who are involved with flight simulators and all sorts of military vehicle and weapons-related training devices. It was an extreme pleasure to get that call and we are looking forward to a continued relationship. These systems are the ultimate video games!

October 2013 - Another marathon weapons recording session at our favorite desert oasis for an upcoming shoot 'em up game - and it was a BLAST!! In addition to the large cache of weapons, we also created some monstrous explosions for our client and we are happy to report they went back happy!

June 2013 - Slot machines, slot machines and more slot machines have been keeping us busy these last few months - with an occasional surprise job thrown in for good measure. At some point we'll be able to announce them but let's just say, they were audio related and REALLY cool! More audio goodness is on the horizon and we're looking forward to an awesome summer!

November 2012 - Is it November already?!?!? Man, time flies when you're having fun! Happy to say that things are rolling along very nicely this year - slot machines, field recordings and teaching are still keeping us busy and we are indeed thankful! Several other projects are on the burner and we'll announce them as soon as we get the green light!

March 2012 - Slot machines, field recordings, studio upgrades and teaching occupy our time here at OYM the last few months - always something to keep us busy! Hope you're having a great year as well!!

November 2011 - OYM spent another week in the Nevada desert as part of a team to record modern day pistols, rifles, automatics and machine guns for a game currently under production. Our Non Disclosure Agreement won't let us say what it was for quite yet, but let us just say... it was a priviledge and honor to be entrusted with recording over 50 weapons for this upcoming first person shooter and we can't wait to play the game!!

August 2011 - Aaron spent some time with the folks at Peripheral Films working on a TV pilot which aired in September called 'Rolling'. Shot on location in Miami, this previous film festival award winner was re-cut for television and was in need of new ambience and sound effects. After jumping in with both feet, Aaron begins his foray into the wonderful world of TV with 'sound design' credits!

OYM contributed to the latest Blastwave FX HD sound effects library - Sonopedia 2.0! Numerous animals and mechanical objects became subjects of our field recordings with some excellent results, if we do say so ourselves. This new HiDef library is available now!

We can announce (finally) that the big weapons shoot we participated in last October was for none other than Tripwire Interactive's Red Orchestra 2 - Hero's of Stalingrad! Looking forward to hearing our work in action - WWII German and Russian pistols, rifles, machine guns and anti-tank rifles in all of their blazing glory. These weapons were real - and they were AWESOME!!

December 2010 - Happy Holidays from the gang at OYM!!! It's been an awesome year and we're looking forward to what 2011 has in store! We wish the best for you as well in the coming year!

Aaron recently had a conversation with our friend Ric Viers for the Rode Microphone's 'Rode Rage' series about a little thing we like to call 'game audio'. Be sure to check it out!


October 2010 - OYM recently made a trek to the scorching Nevada desert as part of a team to record WWII era pistols, rifles, automatics and machine guns for an upcoming game. It was one heck of a good time and we got some outstanding recordings in the bag. We're looking forward to being able to tell you what awesome game project this is for!

Aaron is being featured this month on! All month, he'll be sharing tips, tricks and insights into the wonderful world of sound design and field recording. You can check it out right here. Don't miss it!!

June 2010 - Ah, summertime in sunny southern California - nothing else like it! Plenty going on here at OYM too, just nothing we are allowed to talk about!! :)

I can tell you that we are days away from the release of bittosHD for Xbox, PS3 and iPhone/iPad. With an entirely new soundtrack, upgraded sound effects and a high-def look that will knock your socks off - this release is sure to please! A music montage will be posted over in the 'samples' section shortly.

The Art Institute of California - San Diego seems to have become a permanent home for Aaron as he preps for the summer quarter to begin. He's definitely looking forward to another class of future 'studio engineers' he can convert to the joy and excitement of field recording!

February 2010 - The new year is off to a great start, a couple new video slot projects underway and Aaron was invited back to teach for another quarter at the Art Institute of California-San Diego.

One of last years game projects has come to fruition with the much celebrated release of bittos and bittos+ (WiiWare and PC). The reviews are in and it's definitely a hit! Look for it on your local neighborhood WiiShop Channel or download directly from

November 2009 - It went from a casual, guest lecturing role to a faculty position in the blink of an eye! Aaron is now enjoying another passion teaching at the Art Institute of California - San Diego in the Audio Production program. As the resident game audio aficionado, he's currently teaching the art of field recording with additional sound design and game audio specific classes on the horizon in the coming quarters. He's privileged to be in the company of Grammy and Emmy Award winning staff members and incredibly motivated and talented students eager to learn. The best part, is getting to teach in the new $1 million recording studio featuring an SSL Duality console. You can check out Aaron in his element here. Look at him smile!

We're currently up to our usual noise making activities with a PC and 2 iPhone game projects underway. Stay tuned!

August 2009 - We're continuing our 'busy streak' having just finished up another video slot and keno game as well as a Wii game - now focusing our attention on an iPhone and PC version of the Wii game to round it out. Also have another iPhone game in the works which is quite addicting and hard to actually do any 'work' on.

In the news, our hometown boy, Watson Wu, does good and is interviewed and featured in this article about our desert trip recording for Operation FlashPoint: Dragon Rising. You can read it here. Watson rocks!

April 2009 - "The Complete Guide to Game Audio, 2nd Edition" was awarded the G.A.N.G. 2009 'Best Audio Article, Publication or Broadcast' award at the G.A.N.G. Awards at this years GDC! It was an honor to be recognized and a hearty 'thank you' to all of those who have supported this project over the years!

Aaron will be speaking to audio production students at the Art Institute of California, San Diego this month, sharing his insight into the inner workings of game audio. Should be a good time and maybe we'll see you there.

Feb 2009 - A new year and new opportunities. We're looking forward to many upcoming scheduled projects in the next few months as we contemplate the most recent adventures.

An escapade of epic proportions found the crew of OYM at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in 29 Palms, CA with microphones in hand for a week of fun in the sun. While the 100+ degree heat had us sweating, it didn't come close to evaporating the experience of a lifetime as we commanded M1A1 Abrams tanks, Amphibious Assault Vehicles, Light Armored Vehicles, Humvee's and trucks in the name of capturing the awesome sounds of these machines. Codemasters contracted our services for their upcoming major game title Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, which focuses on an incredibly realistic experience. We're working on a video of the trip and hope to have it posted very soon.

The big news. OYM is happy to announce the addition of two new creative partners to the team - Mark Scholl and Watson Wu! As our production schedule and workload become increasingly busy and complex, these two extremely talented gentlemen bring some incredible expertise to the table. Mark is a 2 time Emmy winning composer and premier percussionist with a diverse musical background, having toured with Barry Manilow for over 11 years and was most recently the musical director and drummer for American Idol finalist Kimberly Locke on her tour, among many of his highlights. We are honored to have him on the team! Watson is an energetic force and highly skilled composer, sound designer, field recordist and technologist. His substantial expertise allows us to utilize the best gear for any situation and ensures that it works to its full potential. He's been a godsend and quickly becoming our 'secret' weapon.

Both books, The Complete Guide to Game Audio (2nd edition) and Game Audio Development, have been in circulation for a few months and are enjoying great reviews. If you, or someone you know, is interested in the world of game audio, these books will definitely reveal what goes on in this exciting career and you'll see why we enjoy it so much.

And speaking of new books, be sure to check out The Sound Effects Bible by our good friend over at The Detroit Chop Shop, Ric Viers. He generously shares his real-world sound recording and creation techniques in an engaging guidebook every serious sound designer must have. We keep our copy close at hand!

There are several new video casino games, a Wii game and another massive field recording excursion looming on the horizon, all of which we'll announce as we can. Several other irons are warming in the fire as well as we prepare for what looks to be a great year! See you out there!

September 2008 - Non-stop action has kept things moving at light speed here at OYM. Now that the 2 book projects are complete, there is time to finally get an update posted!

Aaron's latest book, Game Audio Development, has been published and should be available soon. We have an advance copy to drool over and have been told by the publisher it will be on the streets in mere days. It came out great and Aaron is anxious for everyone else to see it. Look for it at a store or website near you!

The 2nd edition of The Complete Guide to Game Audio has also been completed, is off to the printers and should be available by the end of November. We'll definitely let everyone know when it's on the store shelves.

On the game front, we've got lot's cookin'. The big news is the music for UbiSoft's, The Settlers - Traditions and Tom Clancy's Endwar (PSP and DS versions), in association with our good friends at Nugel Bro's Music, has been completed and we are anxiously awaiting the release of these awesome games! You're not going to believe how great the DS and PSP can sound!

7 new exciting video slot games have been completed since our last update - with 6 more currently in production! Another Wii project has also come and gone and once we're allowed to mention the name of it.... we will!

We are currently prepping for a field recording excusion like no other! Now that we've secured official Pentagon and Department of Defense approval, and have called in the Marines to assist, we'll be heading to the desert in a few weeks to record Abrams Main Battle tanks, Amphibious Assault Vehicles, Cobra attack helicopters, Hummers, trucks and pretty much anything that moves for an upcoming AAA title. Besides a truck load of batteries, we've got helmets and flak jackets at the ready. Wish us luck!

We're 7 months into our contract with the Sprint Mobile Network, voicing the daily Health, Lifestyles and Comedy sections on Audio Central. We're also in pre-production for new premium content, such as the Video Game Report, which should go live soon. A deal has also been signed with another carrier, Alltel Wireless, to start voicing audio content for their upcoming audio news service.

A couple other irons are in the fire and starting to glow... we'll be sure to let you know about them when the time comes. In the meantime, have a great month and we'll see you next time!

April 2008 - We are storming into April with some serious momentum. The last few months have been very fruitful with several projects completed and others continuing to keep us on our toes. Several video slots are in the works, an Xbox 360 game and books, books and more books are providing us some quality time in the studio.

In addition to our normal routine, Aaron was signed to a long term contract last month to voice the News and Lifestyles sections on Sprint Mobile Networks Audio Central. Instead of reading the text from your cellphone, now you can listen to it! Additional content is scheduled to be added soon with our own Jon Jones behind the mic and Aaron had been tapped to produce other 'premium' segments as they grow. Negotiations are currently underway with other major cellular carriers throughout the country as this new feature becomes increasingly popular. Look for Aaron and friends in a cellphone near you soon!

Video Games Live is coming to San Diego on July 24th, complementing an exciting week of ComicCon. Aaron is scheduled to be there, along with colleagues Alexander Brandon, Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall at the popular 'Meet and Greet' following the show. Enjoy a great performance then be sure to stop by and say hi!

The 2 book projects are nearing completion. Game Audio Development is in its final pre-publication stages and the 2nd edition of The Complete Guide to Game Audio is well into phase 2. We'll make the announcements here when they are available.

As always, there are many other projects looming, in their pre-production phase and soon to be announced releases, which once we get the green light, will be posted right here. Be sure to check back.

We hope everyone has a great spring. Time to get outside and enjoy!

December 2007 - Happy Holidays to all our friend out there in video game land! It's been a busy couple of months here at OYM and we've got some incredible momentum built up to take us into the new year!

- We're just finishing up with our Xbox 360 project and prepping for a Wii game this month. Fun, fun! Lot's of music and sound effects for both of these next-gen console games. Can't tell you what they are just yet, but we will!

- Jon and Aaron have been tapped to provide voice overs for the upcoming Codemasters game, Operation Flashpoint 2, Dragon Rising. We both get to relive our Marine Corps glory days while dodging bullets, explosions and other virtual mayhem! Let's move it, Maggot!!

- And speaking of voice overs, OYM will be providing voice overs for weekly national radio spots airing early next year. That's right! We're stepping out of the game world and coming to the airwaves near you! We'll announce the rest of the details when we can. In the meantime, we've ordered wider doors so Jon and Aaron can get their now enlarged heads into the studio to actually do the work!

- Another video slot game, Cap'n Cash, is complete, arrrrhh... and we're currently contracted for 2 more over the next couple of months. The latest edition to our voice talent stable, none other than Alexander Brandon himself, is featured prominently in this exciting casino game.

- The latest book project, Game Audio Development, is well into phase 2! The first manuscript draft is in the hands of co-author and editor, Jeannie Novak, and we're looking for a mid spring publication date. We'll definitely make the announcement here when it's available!

- It's official! Aaron signed contracts last month for the 2nd edition of The Complete Guide to Game Audio (Elsevier/Focal Press) and is already well underway in the rewriting process. This revamped and updated edition is expected to be ready for publication Fall 2008. In the meantime, the publisher recently announced another printing of the 1st edition to keep the shelves well stocked.

- UbiSoft, Funatics and Nugel Bros Music have, once again, enlisted the services of OYM for 2 major game titles early in 2008. Once the contracts are signed and we've got the green light, we'll make the announcement here! These both look to be incredibly exciting projects and we can't wait to get our hands on them!!

September 2007 - 5 months since the last update can only mean one thing - yep, we're hard at work on several exciting projects!

- Aaron Marks has joined forces with game audio notable and entrepreneur, Watson Wu, as the Executive Producer and Consultant of WooTones, LLC!! We are currently gaining momentum with many major carriers providing original voicetones and ringtones to the cellular market. Talk about fun!! Head on over to WooTones and see what we're up to.

- We signed contracts and are knee deep in creating music and sound effects for an Xbox 360 title to be published by Microsoft. We can't give away any details yet, but look for it on the Live Arcade system early next spring. This is an incredibly fun and addictive game and we're proud to be lending our brand of audio to it!

- OYM and our ever popular voice over artist, Jon Jones, has voiced another game trailer for Codemasters, this time for the upcoming Operation Flashpoint 2, Dragon Rising release. We also added 'script consulting' to our list of services for the same game. This dialog intensive game project required some expert scrutiny from Aaron and Jon who are both former US Marines. Oorah!!

- We've completed 2 more wildly entertaining video slot games and yet another one looms on the horizon. Can't wait!

- Aaron is nearly finished writing the text for the next, highly anticipated book, Game Audio Development, by Thomson/Delmar Learning. Once this process is complete, he'll start on all of the other segments which go into the completed book. Look for a spring 2008 release!

- The Complete Guide to Game Audio, by Aaron Marks, has a new publisher and is being considered for a 2nd edition!! It was an incredibly time consuming effort researching and preparing the proposal but, so far, the possibility looks good. We'll keep you up to date.

- OYM has done a little behind the scenes sound design work as the mighty subcontractor for a couple high profile games. All in the name of helping out our colleagues with incredibly tight milestone deadlines. The good news is - we made them all!! Go team!

That's all for now. Go out and make this a great month!! You know where to find us if you need us. :)

April 2007 - OYM and our own voice over artist extraordinaire, Jon Jones, have completed the narratives for Overlord and Heatseeker, Mach 5 game trailers for Codemasters. Be sure to check them out under the download section of their website.

We also just put the finishing touches on a couple new video slot games and are prepping for the next exciting adventure. A couple other projects are starting to build momentum and once again, the schedule is filling up fast. In the meantime, Aaron is hard at work on the next book and madly putting it all to paper.

February 2007 - We spent the month of January upgrading much of the studio hardware and software with some incredible results! The quality of the new additions has really made a difference in the music, sound design and voice over productions and we are looking forward to the upcoming projects to really put them to the test.

- Voice over artist and OYM staffer, Jon Jones, was in the studio last month recording dialog for Colin McRae's DIRT, set to be released this summer by Codemasters for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. He plays the role of the 'A' driver coaching the player on everything from car setup to callouts for each driving course. It looks like a great game and we can't wait to hear Jon in action!

- Another video slot game is in the bag as we continue to take the casino gaming world by storm! This multi-game contract will happily run for several more games.

December 2006 - Happy Holidays, everyone!! All of us here at OYM hope you make it a great one! It's been an incredible few months since the last update!

- Aaron finished authoring THE accredited game audio college course for the Art Institute last month. As part of their game development curriculum, students will learn about music, sound effects and voice overs and will have the chance to create their own. It was a great project and one we hope students will enjoy.

- Aaron is well into book #2 and has officially signed contracts this month with Thomson/Delmar Learning. This new effort will focus on the actual "how to" of composing music and creating sound effects and dialog for today's advanced video games and systems. This one is required reading!

- OYM also finished up a couple new video slot machines this month and is gearing up for 2 CDROM game projects which loom on the horizon. Now, if we can just survive the chaos of the holidays we'll be set.

- OYM voice over artist, Jon Jones, was spotted this month in the studio auditioning for Clive Barker's upcoming video game, Jericho. The good news, he's an early contender for one of the major characters. We'll keep you posted on how this turns out.

- And, last but not least, Aaron has been up to some super secret, behind the scenes, very hush hush (for now) partnership with another high profile audio jock. A new LLC is just around the corner which will capitalize on the highlights of our audio skills. An annoucement will made some time next year after all the details are finalized..

That's it, folks. HoHoHo and see you next year!!

August 2006 - Busy, busy, busy - which isn't always a bad thing! Lots going on here at OYM!

- Aaron Marks, in association with our great friends at Nugel Bros Music, has just completed the score for The Settlers - 10th Anniversary for Funatics and UbiSoft. All new music was created for this updated revisit to a fantastic game. Release is scheduled for September.

- More video casino games are in production with many more on the way! The reels keep spinnin' and we're still grinnin'! Yeehaw!

- Aaron is busy on many other side projects as well. Remote recordings for a new sound effects library, test recordings and research for an upcoming racing game, authoring an upcoming college course on game audio AND, last but not least, a new book is in the works (more details on that later.)

March 2006 - OYM's contract is extended as we continue to run full steam into the world of casino gaming. We recently finished 2 video Keno games and are in mid production for multiple video poker games. The fun never ends for us!

We are also in pre-production for the sequel to the hit game 'I, of the Enemy', interestingly enough dubbed 'II, of the Enemy'. OYM will be creating all the music, sound effects and dialog for this 3D space strategy game.

Oh, and the Ferrari page has been updated - be sure to check it out. It looks like it'll be a work in progress since I couldn't stand it being blank any longer.

November 2005 - Be sure to check out the great article, Get in the Game, by Jamie Lendino in this months edition of Electronic Musician magazine. He discusses the latest tools and techniques for game audio creation with a few eloquent quotes of Aaron's sprinkled in for effect. It's a good read!

OYM continues to march on with the multiple video slot machine project, now turned video Keno project. "The beta testing is a blast! Too bad all this money I've been winning isn't real!", says Aaron as he sinks another 100 credits into the test machine. "This 'work' is tough."

August 2005 - No news is good news! OYM continues busily creating music, sound effects and voice overs for a multiple video slot machine project, currently finishing up the first batch and prepping for the next. We've been having a great time in the process and really looking forward to the next set! Other projects are beginning to appear on the horizon and we are very happy at the successful year we are having!

May 2005 - Man, how time has flown since our last update! We survived the Game Developers Conference in March and have been busy creating sounds for several new video slot and casino games, among other things - always seem to be off on another adventure.

  • This month Aaron is interviewed by Music4Games about his recent work on "I, of the Enemy" and talks about other relevant game industry happenings. You can read it here.
  • Aaron will be lecturing this month at the Art Institute of California, San Diego about all things game audio. Animators and other artists interested in this exciting process will be in the audience.

February 2005 - The cast from "I of the Enemy" were back in the studio this month recording voice overs for the soon to be released prequel - "I, of the Enemy - Ril Cerat". Actor Ian McNiece, fresh from his screen role in 'White Noise' and the upcoming 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' release, revisited his role as the voice of Yereg Verkkal. Check out the recording session here.

January 2005 -

Happy New Year everyone! We wish you and yours the best for 2005! Already, the year is on fire here at OYM!!

  • "I, of the Enemy" (developed by Enemy Technology and audio created by OYM), is the proud recipient of the Game Tunnel 2004 Best Sound in an Indie Game of the Year Award!

"...the first thing you'll notice when you play IOE is the absolutely amazing quality of the audio. The voice work in the game and music are wonderfully done. The first time I put this game in, I heard from the other side of the room: "is that one of your indie games?" The person, who has watched hundreds of indie games come through my computer in the last few years, was visibly shocked by what they were hearing, and with good reason. The sound is crystal clear and very professionally done."

"This comes out probably most forcefully with the main character of the game, Verkkal, who is voiced by Ian McNeice, famed for his role as Baron Harkonnen in Dune. With very strong voice acting on the game that rivals anything that you'll find in mainstream gaming, and often beats it, I of the Enemy was a strong contender for the Sound award. After you add the wonderful soundtracks to the mix, IOE moved over the top!" explains Game Tunnel.

  • OYM is also happy to announce our next project providing sound effects for Activision's upcoming True Crimes II. Work is already well underway to continue this highly entertaining series and we are extremely proud to be a part of the team!

November 2004 -

  • "I, of the Enemy" (developed by Enemy Technology), a dynamic, sci-fi real time strategy game on PC CD ROM, for both single player or up to eight opponents battling over the Internet or LAN was released this month with original music, sound effects and dialog created by OYM.

    The player is a Lokob officer who holds the exhalted title of "Commander of Armies", and is in charge of his race's contingent. Colonel Verkkal (voice talents of Ian McNeice, famed for his role as Baron Harkonnen in 'Dune', also recently seen in 'Around the World in 80 Days' and 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason') is his trusted friend and Field Commander. Emphasis in this game has moved away from gathering, mining and building, and instead concentrates on interesting tactical problems.

    "This was a great project!", says Aaron. "The creator, Mark Temple, gave me total creative freedom which allowed me to produce music and sound effects which I'm very proud of! Plus the dialog recording sessions were a great experience."

    For UK residents, it is available in over 700 retail locations. Release in Europe is expected in the spring and the US by next summer. But why wait? You can order the game now right here!

  • Friend, colleague and now fellow author, Alexander Brandon, released his book, "Audio for Games: Planning, Process, and Production" this month. Alex provides a broad-ranging exploration of how game audio is created today and how it should be considered in the future to create groundbreaking audio. You can order this highly practical text here.

  • And while we are on the subject of book releases, Jeannie Novak and her book, "Game Development Essentials" was also released this month. This text examines content creation and the concepts behind the development of story, character, environment, level design, user interface and sound for games. It gives a great overview of the entire process including my favorite subject, game audio. Check it out here.

October 2004 - Well, those Class III slot machines are completed and had a very successful showing at this months G2E show in Las Vegas - they really came out teriffic! Next month, OYM will be starting work on a PS2 project and a couple other projects are looming which we hope to announce soon. Stay tuned!

September 2004 - Can you say Class III Vegas slot machines? We've started work on our next entry into the wonderful world of video slots and these are really going to make your head spin! Aaron is acting as Audio Director for a new manufacturer giving the other big boys the proverbial run for their money. Stand by for some innovative and exciting uses of audio as OYM really gets to stretch its wings!

June 2004 - The new and improved 2005 showroom model of the OYM website is rolled out this month! Spiffy new graphics, flash features and a little sound were added to finalize the effort. Ooh, aah.

We're currently putting the finishing audio touches on I, of the Enemy, which will be released in September and we just finished up a cool handheld game, Gimme 5, for Namco. What's next up our sleeve? We'll know very soon.

May 2004 - Aaron Marks and other game audio experts spoke this month at an informative Hollywood event, "Scoring BIG with Music for Video Games" put on by Los Angeles Music Productions, Indiespace and the Film Music Network. This supercharged seminar covered what everyone needs to know to compose music for video games and ended with live demo critiques by all of the days speakers and panelists on stage. "It was a priviledge to be a part of this exciting event. I would have paid twice as much to attend, even if I wasn't invited as a speaker!", said Aaron. Read a wrap up by the G-Man here under the 'recent' tab.

Mar 2004 - It's official! On Your Mark officially announces the addition of three incredible audio personalities to its staff!

  • Will Davis has 15 years experience creating music and sound effects with credits on 150 game titles;
  • Jon Jones is an accomplished musician and voice over artist with 20 game title credits;
  • Kurt Kellenberger cut his audio teeth with over 100 Broadway, off Broadway and regional theater productions.

These guys are awesome and I'm very proud to offer their services to you. Check out this video to see them and hear what they've been up to lately. Be sure to give a listen to their individual demos on the samples page too.

Speaking of the samples page, it has been completely updated, with all new audio and video examples of the past year. There are even a couple new articles as well, with still more on the way. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Jan 2004 - A new year is upon us and we are out to make this a great one! OYM will be announcing new staff additions shortly along with adding updated demos and articles from our previous year of activity. Aaron has also committed to getting out of the studio a little more this year to reacquaint himself with old friends and make a few new ones. Look for him in your neighborhood.

A good friend and musical colleague, Tim Rideout, recently announced the release of his first CD, The Ride, available from his website ( or from It's touted as a 'lo-fi' approach to R & B but it's quality is far above your average home studio project. Refreshing compositions and superb lyrics really make this CD shine. Tim has a gift of constantly surprising his listeners and after 6 months of listening to his pre-release, I was still finding new things to applaud. The last song 'These Irish Songs' is worth the price alone and will catch you completely off guard. This catchy tune will have you lifting a pint and singing along at the top of your lungs, guaranteed. Be sure to tell Tim I sent you.

Oct 31, 2003 - The San Diego fires have indeed been devastating and I appreciate the many well wishers who have shown concern for my family. I wanted to let everyone know that we are all safe and our property is intact. We were fortunate to not have any direct danger from any of the fires but the ash and smoke from the Pendleton and Paradise fires which had us bracketed were making life interesting. I was in San Diego Sunday morning and got caught up in the Scripps Ranch fire as it jumped I-15. The fire burned right up to the fence of the building where I was at the time, just a little too close for comfort.

Again, thanks to everyone for your concern. Everyone be safe out there!

Sept 2003 - A new book on the subject of game audio was released this month to positive reviews. DirectX 9 Audio Exposed: Interactive Audio Development, edited by friend and colleague Todd Fay, delves into the depths of successfully using this tremendous tool to achieve great audio in games. Written by the guys at Microsoft who developed and support the tool for audio (Todor Fay and Scott Selfon), it also includes case studies on it's use, including its use in the popular Xbox game Halo. If you look closely through the first few pages, you may notice a few words (in the form of a foreword) written by yours truly. You can order it here.

Sept 2003 - For the third straight year, Aaron is serving as a judge in the audio category for the Game Developer Magazine Frontline Awards. This sought-after award is given yearly to software and hardware manufacturers whose product has the most impact on game audio, its production and playback. "There are some really great nominations this year and it'll be difficult to pick one winner." says Aaron, with his work cut out for him.

August 2003 - We did it! The move is complete and the studio is plugged in and ready to roll! Plans are in the works to start construction on the new studio on the 'back 40' within a couple months. The ground has been cleared and an architect is busy at work designing the new digs. In the meantime, OYM is madly at work on some new Class II Video Slot machines and putting the finishing touches on the long awaited game project, 'I, of the Enemy' (which is scheduled for a winter release in Europe, distributed by Konami, followed by a US release in the spring.) Let the fun begin!

July 2003 - On Your Mark Music Studios is relocating! A recent purchase of land in the quiet town of Fallbrook, California (just north of San Diego) will allow OYM to expand its efforts further into the music recording scene. Plans are in the works to construct a custom studio facility from the ground up. "This is a pretty exciting time, finally being able to pursue my professional goals and build a studio to fit my needs exactly." Stay tuned for updates.

July 2003 - The Fatman's book is here! The Fatman's book is here! George Sanger's highly anticipated book, The Fatman on Game Audio: Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness, has finally arrived at a bookstore near you! I highly recommend picking up a copy! It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm in it or that it does a swell job at plugging my book - it really is a unique perspective from a truly unique character on the business of game audio. Click here to check it out.

June 2003 - Aaron Marks signs with the Wireless Developer Agency in an exclusive 3 year agreement to provide audio content (as in ringtones, music and sound effects) for a myriad of wireless applications. Wireless Developer is the first talent agency of its kind in this fast growing market.

May 2003 - Aaron lectures on the subject of Game Audio at the Art Institute of California, San Diego. A classroom full of future computer animators actively participated as Aaron described the process of hiring a professional composer and sound designer, what information is needed to successfully bid a project and what is needed to create appropriate audio. He also spent some time demonstrating useful audio programs, sound design and music creation and their use within an upcoming game release. A good time was had by all.

In a room full of artists though, Aaron should have been more cautious of the image he was portraying as demonstrated by this caricature.

March 2003 - Aaron is featured in Edge magazine (March issue #121), a prestigious international industry magazine for the videogames business. The interview was included in the opening six page news piece on surround sound in game audio and contained a product guide, commentary from Aaron about possible future practice, as well as information from Dolby and DTS about their current contributions. Look for it at news stands.
Jan 17 , 2003 - Aaron signs on as 'Chief Sound Designer' for the upcoming film, Absence of Peace, produced by San Diego based Marc Anthony Productions. This film is the follow up to the highly successful independent film, The Shape of Evil, which Aaron was also given sound design credits. This previous project has already won several film festival awards including Best Original Score and Best Sound Mix for the film's creator, Marc Massimei. "Marc is a great guy to work for, very supportive and gives me total freedom in my work. I can't wait to get started on this project!"

Jan 02 , 2003 - features an interview this month with OYM President, Aaron Marks. This is the second in a series of interviews and discussions about the world of game audio to appear on this popular website. Aaron is also interviewed by Dolby Japan. His interview appears in Japanese for those who are so inclined. Someone please write him and tell him what he said! (actually, the interview was done in English, then translated. He just hopes no ones family was insulted in the translation process.)

Dec 01 , 2002 - The NEW On Your Mark Music Productions web site is launched. Teaming up with the graphics and web design house of BKdesignz, the much improved site has taken its rightful place in cyberspace. Continued updates will showcase new audio projects as they happen, what OYM and Aaron are up to, not to mention an archive of Aaron’s informative articles which have appeared in numerous publications throughout the years.
Oct 06, 2002 - Aaron Marks and game industry colleagues Brian Schmidt, Jack Buser, Keith Arem and Martin Wilde will represent game audio at the 113th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention at the LA Convention Center. Aaron Marks is chairing the event, designated the ‘Game Audio Workshop’. “This is a great opportunity for us as the game audio community to help our brethren in the music, film and audio manufacturing industry’s understand what it takes for us to do what it is that we do. Because this is a highly technical venue, perhaps someone will come up with the next great idea to help make our jobs easier,” says Marks.

Each panelist will present a 45 minute demo-rich discussion in their area of expertise, giving first hand insight into audio for the Xbox, Dolby surround applications, audio programming issues and the art of creating music and sound effects for games.

The workshop is designed to answer one of the most often asked questions: what does it take to make great game audio? Not only will these experienced panelists provide the answers, but they will be armed with audio examples designed to showcase the specific talents, techniques and technologies used to help make the games business the billion dollar industry that it is today.

Sept 03, 2002 - HogBladder finishes tracking for their 3rd CD release at On Your Mark Studios. After a year of writing and recording, the final tracks are almost ready for mixdown. Aaron, who is engineering and producing this project, is very excited to be entering the next phase, “We have some brilliant performances recorded over the last year, now it’s my turn to make it all sound great! I’m really looking forward to putting my signature on this one!”
Aug 15 , 2002 - Aaron Marks, for the second year in a row, is selected as a judge in the audio category for the Game Developer Magazine Frontline Awards. This coveted award is given yearly to manufacturers whose product has the most impact on game audio, its production and playback. “This has been a great experience, not to mention how important it has been to take a step back and see where we’ve been in the process of making game audio.”
Aug 01, 2002 - On Your Mark Music Productions adds Dolby ProLogic II encoding to its list of offered services. Working closely with the Game Development Support Group at Dolby Labs, the newly licensed surround technology was delivered and setup by the experts from Dolby at On Your Mark Studios this month. “This new technology, which is only licensed for use in video games, is an amazing step forward for game sound. Stand by for an incredible gaming experience!”, says Aaron.
Feb 02 , 2002 - On Your Mark Music Productions President, Aaron Marks and 20 other game industry notables met at Dolby Labs in San Francisco to launch the Game Audio Network Guild ( G.A.N.G.). This 2 day summit was held to organize, elect officers and launch this much needed group of game audio professionals. Aaron volunteers as a member of the web site, awards and editorial committees.
G.A.N.G. is a non-profit organization established to educate the masses in regards to interactive audio by providing information, instruction, resources, guidance and enlightenment not only to its members, but to content providers and listeners throughout the world. G.A.N.G. empowers its members by establishing resources for education, business, technical issues, community, publicity and recognition. G.A.N.G. also supports career development and education for aspiring game audio professionals, publishers, developers and students. Check out for more information.
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